Speak'nX loudspeaker, plastic finish, white, frameless
  • Speak'nX loudspeaker, plastic finish, white, frameless

Speak'nX loudspeaker, plastic finish, white, frameless

It is the first chime that can be customized and integrated into a KNX installation. It also allows broadcasting pre-recorded vocal messages to warn of alerts, technical alarms, time delays, actions, or statuses in a clear and explicit way. Additionally, it incorporates two inputs: a temperature and humidity sensor, with values transmitted using KNX protocol. Finally, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity will enable it to perform more advanced functions in the future.


  • Autonomous chime with two customizable ring tones via two inputs.
  • Broadcasting of messages and/or ringing tones with up to 50 melodies triggered by KNX datagram.
  • Temperature and humidity sensor, transmitted to KNX.
  • Two binary inputs for connecting push buttons for lighting, motorization, and doorbell functions.
  • Customized metal finish available in the Meljac brand range
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+++ Customizable product

  •  Customizable bell with up to 50 messages or melodies in MP3 or WAV format...
  •  Customizable finish (white, black, metal from the Meljac range...)
  •  Unlimited functions and uses
  •  Multilingual message delivery

+++ KNX product

  •  2 binary inputs
  •  Temperature and humidity sensor
  •  Adjustable RGBW indicator on the front panel
  •  Alarm or status offset can be synchronized via bus

+++ Connected product

  •  Connected doorbell with notification (requires third-party product)
  •  Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth chip
  •  Beacon function and location in a building
  •  Remote chime for 2N videophone

+++ Technical specifications

  •  KNX TP, S-Mode (ETS), 30V, 5mA
  •  WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n/e/l
  •  Bluetooth: 2.4GHz, classic +, BLE, v4.2
  •  Auxiliary power supply 36V DC 5W
  •  Dimensions: 55x55 or 80x80 metal cover plate, Standard box depth: 50 mm
  •  2W speaker
  •  Made in Europe
  •  2-year guarantee

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