Kloudn'X gateway (KNX router, VPN, Cloud)
  • Kloudn'X gateway (KNX router, VPN, Cloud)

Kloudn'X gateway (KNX router, VPN, Cloud)


- KNX IP Router

- Secure and remote connection gateway for ETS configuration and download, without any client-side network configuration

- Push notifications for KNX events

- KNX IoT gateway to interface with any connected equipment via API

- Customizable and scalable through applications (clock, notification, logic...)

- Centralization of KNX data for advanced logic and scripts

- Secure recording and visualization of KNX telegrams in the cloud or locally

- Monitoring of KNX programs or values (Regulation, Drift, bus voltage issues, advanced automation...)

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+++ KNX IoT Router

- Remote ETS configuration via plug'n'play and secure access on any type of internet/data connection (ADSL, fiber, 4G, 5G, satellite...)

- Interface with connected products via API such as 2n, Sonos, Axis, Dahua, Poolcop, Klereo... (check the updated list on our website)

- Automatic reconnection in case of change or reset of the internet box

+++ Home Automation Central Unit

- Centralization of certain KNX values for scripts, algorithms, custom developments

- Astronomical clock

- Datagram format change

- State memorization

+++ Data Logger and Monitoring

- Facilitates integrations, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of various sites

- Supervision of bus voltage with alert threshold

- Predictive fault detection

- Creation and visualization of curves from recorded values

- Works with or without a subscription

+++ Technical Specifications

- Number of connections: up to 12 connections in tunneling mode

- KNX TP, S-Mode (ETS), 30V, 5mA

- Ethernet: 10/100 Mbps

- Power supply: 9-30V DC, 20W

- Operating temperature: -25°/+55°C

- Dimensions: DIN Rail – 2 Modules – 35mm


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