Passerelle Pooln'X (Compatible Poolcop) avec com. IP / Crestron
  • Passerelle Pooln'X (Compatible Poolcop) avec com. IP / Crestron

Passerelle Pooln'X (Compatible Poolcop) avec com. IP / Crestron

Connect your pool to Crestron home automation with Pool’nX, the first gateway that links the Poolcop system to a Crestron installation. It simplifies the integration of connected pool equipment with home automation. The Pool’nX gateway, combined with Poolcop, allows you to manage and monitor your pool's water quality from any Crestron/KNX touchscreen interface. This gateway also facilitates integration with the technical management of various types of buildings.

Pool’nX Advantages:

1. KNX IP router to connect the Pool Technical Room to the rest of the house.

2. Pool supervision from the application or touchscreen of your residential home automation system via Crestron/KNX protocol.

3. Customized and advanced functions based on the client's and pool stakeholders' needs.

4. Pool supervision from the Building Management System (BMS) of a hotel or wellness space.

Poolcop Advantages:

1. pH regulation and disinfection using chlorine, salt, active oxygen, or bromine.

2. Automation of pool functions such as heating, lighting, cleaning, bubbles, counter-current swimming, and water jets.

3. Notifications for issues such as low chemical levels, pH drift, pressure, and filter status.

4. Energy savings, reduced water usage, and decreased need for maintenance products.

By combining Pool’nX and Poolcop, you can achieve seamless control and monitoring of your pool through the Crestron home automation system, providing convenience, efficiency, and a customized experience for managing your pool's functions.

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Commands from Crestron / KNX:

1. Water Filtration

2. Overflow

3. Heating Setpoint Temperature

4. Control Relays for Pumps: Lighting, Waterfall, Fountain, etc.

5. Filter Cleaning

6. Curtain Control (compliant with local regulations)

7. Individual Customization of Pool Settings

Integration of Other Pool-Related Applications:

1. Water Temperature Regulation

2. RGBW Pool Lighting

3. Autonomous Pool Cleaning Robot

4. Water Consumption Supervision: Meters, Slow Leak Detection, Leak Sensor

5. Water Level Adjustment

6. Visualization through Crestron Interface

Real-Time Value Availability:

1. Status of the aforementioned commands

2. Pressure

3. Water and Air Temperatures

4. Chemical Values: pH, Redox, Salinity, Turbidity, etc.

5. Water Level

6. Empty Chemical Container Alert

Technical Specifications:

- KNX TP, S-Mode (ETS), 30V, 5mA

- Ethernet: 10/100 Mbps

- Power Supply: 9-30V DC, 2W

- Operating Temperature: -15°/+55°C

- Dimensions: DIN Rail – 2 Modules – 35

- Manufactured in Europe

- 2-Year Warranty

- Width = 3.5 cm, Height = 9 cm, Depth = 7 cm, Weight = 0.2 kg